Harris Kuipers

Laura Harris and Shelley Kuipers are lifelong friends who share a passion for thoughtful design, personal style and well-made clothing. Frustrated with a lack of choice, they created their own line.

Laura is a Victoria-based artist and Shelley is a serial entrepreneur, but when it comes to clothes, they both want the same thing; pieces that easily go where they go, are beautifully and ethically-made using natural, sustainable fabrics; clothing that inspires unapologetic-individuality, confidence and elegance. 
Circular in their production practices, all fabric waste is utilized. When you’re done with your HK item, send it back and they’ll repurpose it.

The inaugural HK capsule collection, Only Black consists of seven pieces – the items you crave; that you reach for every time. Made for the ever-evolving, non-conforming woman, each piece feels absolutely fantastic on your skin and is designed to inspire freedom and ease.

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We Believe In

Sustainability & the circular economy, freedom & the right to choose; unapologetic creativity; the importance of collaboration; exploration & adventure; honesty & authenticity; celebration; challenging the status quo; having a place to call home; wholehearted generosity; redefinition, reinvention & evolution; LOVE.

Our Mission

Design and curate ethically-made, circular, sustainable products that inspire individuality, confidence and elegance. We want to gather a community of people who care about quality and the sustainable fashion movement, and put them at the heart of our business.

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